FICTIZIA is a training center in Digital Arts and New Technologies considered a reference in Spain for professionals who want to become specialists.


Fictizia Experience


2016 (product evolution until mid 2021)


Product Design, UX Design, UI Design, Brand Design, Content Design, UX Writing, Frontend Development, Photography


Create a new fictizia.com aligned with the new business strategy and brand design, motivated by the company’s growth and reorganization.
Home of fictizia.com - Desktop L size (above the fold)
Home of fictizia.com - Desktop L size (above the fold)
Fictizia.com product details page - Tablet mockup
Button Components
Fictizia button

Micro-interactions for the different button states. Do you want to see them? Interact with this button!

Colors and Gradients Pallette
Navigation Design

The most direct path between what users want to learn and that training product waiting for them in Fictizia while provides credibility and useful contextual information throughout the journey.

fictizia – New Navigation design
Definition of necessary navigation flows (general scheme)
Fictizia - Content Architecture
The Content Architecture for Fictizia.com
Microinteraction to improve the UX and increase conversions

The process of requesting more information about a training plan is the main action on the product detail page. So it was vital to take care of it as much as possible. To do so, I designed a friendly and simple form that would always offer maximum feedback to the user at every step.

Also I designed, animated and implemented (SVG+CSS+JS) a microinteraction to improve the UX in the vital information request process using Storytelling: The paper airplane flies from the form, taking off from the submit button itself, until it ‘reaches Fictizia’ in the dialog where the user gets the info about the final task status.

The microinteraction of the paper airplane: Taking the utmost care of the UX in the most important user flow of the product detail page.

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