Carbon Care is an App for quantifying the carbon footprint per tenant in modern cloud environments and efficiently allocate GHG emissions from a data center to its various services and clients.


IBM Research (R+D division for IBM)




Product Design, UX Design, UI Design, Frontend


Create a new platform for the Cloud Innovation Lab that works as a curated digital catalog of strategic Research capabilities, offering clients access to interact with the IBM researchers behind each innovation, education and experimentation sessions with Research capabilities with Research capabilities to discover business value use cases, and enabling cross member collaborative sessions that influence focus of investment in the technology assets, providing feedback to IBM Research.
Previous prototype and collected data
prev prototype
Previously, researchers had been using this prototype
Analyzing existing data structure
Researchers consulted some data through listings on a terminal
New User Flow (Data Zoom levels)
Useful value variations according to the selected time period in each data zoom level
View of time breakdown for each record
Breakdown example 2 (zone last quarter)
Equivalents were defined to translate the data into easily quantifiable information also for non-scientists
equivalents header
Select items to isolate and compare data
App also explains how it is calculated
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