The Cloud Innovation Lab provides a mechanism for IBM Research Strategic Collaboration Program clients to continually move from awareness to experience to business value.


IBM Research (R+D division for IBM)




Product Design, UX Design, UI Design, Frontend


Create a new platform for the Cloud Innovation Lab that works as a curated digital catalog of strategic Research capabilities, offering clients access to interact with the IBM researchers behind each innovation, education and experimentation sessions with Research capabilities with Research capabilities to discover business value use cases, and enabling cross member collaborative sessions that influence focus of investment in the technology assets, providing feedback to IBM Research.
CIL Dashboard
Opened menu
Detail of main menu opened
Working on the Hi-Fi wireframe
The pre-project Dashboard
UI first steps. Low-Fi wireframe
Final version of the Hi-Fi wireframe
Projects Details
Asset & Project Catalog
Catalog (by Category)
Categorized View
Catalog filters
Filtering dropdown
Card types
Card types
New content architecture designed for Assets/projects required a new card architecture
CIL Architec
CIL Assets tree with new categories
Figma componentization
User profiles
User Roles Analysis and Definition, including Open Source Incubator Membership
Welcome pre-login
Use Cases manager
New UC Flow
Working on Analysis and definition of new Use Case flow and content architecture
UC Filters dropdown
Use Cases filtering dropdown
UC Status
Different Use Case Status defined
Use Cases footer
Footer with All company Use Cases section
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